Thursday, October 29, 2015

Quick muzzleloader hunt

Well I had an evening come open so I grabbed the front stuffer and hit the woods, public woods  :rolleyes:.  I had it mind to find a spot that other hunters would have not hunted so I went to an oil well that is loud and no one's first choice.  I hadn't been there before but I wanted to find a spot quick with some sign and was able to do just that.  Found a little clearing with plenty of heavy trails crossing.  The oil rig was about 300 yards away and clanking something awful.  It was perfect!  I found a spot on a slight ridge with a small bush/tree to break up my outline.

Used the old Plumb hatchet to clear out a quick spot then settled in.  For you traditional muzzle-loading enthusiast avert your eyes from my setup.  I love the vintage ones too but I need all the help a hunter can get on my few trips I make it out.  Rifle is a CVA Optima Pro Elite .50cal with a Bushnell 4x32 scope shotgun scope.  So it's basically a single shot 30-30. 

Well my plan of hunting the spot no one else probably has to find the deer looking to avoid a hunter WORKED!  Except too well  :-\

About 30 mins before shooting light expired a doe came up from behind on basically the same path I walked in on.  She came up on my right so quiet I never heard her.  Just saw the flicker of movement from the corner of my eye.  Knew immediately it was a deer.  Plan was to sit still, let her get by me and then make a clean shot.  Instead she stopped dead even with me about 3 yards or so and locked eyes with me.  Since I'm right handed that made shoulder the rifle in any subtle fashion impossible.  She bounded off after a few seconds and turned to look back at me from just inside the treeline.  I could have taken a shot but there was a lot of debris I would have been shooting through.  So the right call was to pass on the shot.  I sat in hopes that maybe the rut started early and buck would be following but no luck. 

So overall it was a good time and in spite of the oil rig it was relaxing and peaceful and the fresh air and smells felt good and I love those heart attack encounters.  I would do it all over again!  Hopefully the next hunt ends with meat cooking pics instead of gear...

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Jack's first hatchet, new cook kit, hanging and relaxing

Well Jack and I had some new stuff we needed to hit the woods with to try out. So we headed out and killed an afternoon and early evening.

Entering the trail

Jack's hatchet is an old Plumb scout hatchet. It's well worn and so blunt it only qualifies as a small hammer. But Jack knows no different and he was mighty proud to be toting this baby a long. He always picks up a stick and says it's his axe and bangs around camp with it. I figured I'd hang this one and let him have something he can do a little damage with and not worry about him accidently cutting himself. Plus he just thought is the coolest thing ever.

Well we found a nice spot that didn't have too much undergrowth and shrubs around so we made our little camp and dad got to hang the DIY hammock in the woods for the first time.

hammock packs to about 10 x 5" in the stuff sack. Handy little size.

ridgeline view

One thing that I found surprising with the hammock is just how comfortable they are to sit in in multiple ways. Heck it's a lounge chair and you can sit upright and lean back a little and that works too! I'm wishing I would have tried hammocks years ago.

Jack was dead set on making sure any downed tree around had it's bark knocked off or any loose pieces needed chopping on.

I usually make a small twig/stick fire in the woods so Jack was constantly bringing me his bark and wood chip pieces to use for the fire. It was cute and assured me I was influencing him correctly so far But I brought out a cook kit with an alcohol stove this time to try out. I ordered this from minibull design. It is the 12cm Bios #5 kit.

Comes with a 12cm Imusa pot with lid(aluminum), a carbon felt handle wrap and windscreen, and a Bios #5 stove. It's made from an aluminum beer bottle. This kit is very light. I added a 4oz fuel bottle and the green rimmed cup is from my thermos, it fit perfectly in the big pot.

to light this stove you prime th fiberglass wick on the outside then fill it with the amount of alcohol you want and light the wick. Within seconds it blossoms out and you are ready

soon enough we had our hot chocolate ready to go with our chocolate peanut butter pop-tarts

Jack approves

Well we relaxed for a bit and Jack used his hatchet some more. Then on the way out we saw a handful of deer and heard some owls. It was a good time.

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Monday, September 28, 2015

DIY Hammock Project

Well I made up my first hammock today.  It works so I am pleased with the results.  Stitching is not pretty but seemed to do the job fine.  I can't wait to get it out and spend a night in it.  It's made of 1.6 oz HyperD XL.  OAL is 11'2.  I made the ridge-line and found it quite easy so I think I will make my own whoopie slings from now on as well..  Suspension is the whoopie sling/marlin spike.  I made a stuff sack for it too. 

It's comfy, roomy, and the kids are already wanting their own.  haha. 

Here's a few pics

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Mora 546 and quick sheath mod

Well I picked up a Mora 546 to mainly use as my fishing companion.  It's light and carries great after the sheath mod.  It will make a nice bait knife and be able to handle any other knife tasks I have while chasing fried dinners. 

The sheath as you know is not good if you intend to wear it.  So I did a quick sheath mod.  I used some wire snips to cut out the outer loop and then trimmed down the middle tab.  Drilled a hole in the center and then used a Chicago screw to attach the leather strap.  Total time about 5 minutes. 

And yes folks, white leather is all I had in the scrap pile this time.  Practicality over looks here....

Modify message

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Nightfishing in the canoe

Here's few pics from a fishing trip a couple days ago.  This lake is the highest I've ever seen it.  Our record rainfall here in May still has all our lakes full or over.  This first shot is the put it spot and the island in the background is where I would walk and fish before all the rain. 

We were set out to mainly fish for catfish and then also be casting for crappie, bass, saugeye.

Here's canoe shot, the BIL is in front

those rod holders are pretty crappy.  They were dirt cheap and they are proving it.  While they did work I am planning to get some better holders like those driftmaster holders or something similar.  The little board though worked well for having a steady platform to mount the holders to.

While fishing around a marina and closed boatramp these ducks came by to amuse us.  They were used to being fed.  They swam right up to us and were chasing our lures when we would cast.  It was pretty amusing as the baby ducks were literally running on water chasing them. 

The sunset was enjoyable as it usually is from the water

Well we caught some sandbass for a bit and once darkness fell the wind died down and we set out for the deeper water.  I don't know if it was the water being high or what but we didn't get into catfish at all.  I couldn't believe it as I always get into them here.  Only fish we caught picture worthy was this massive sheepshead.  We think it was around 15lbs or so, it's one of the biggest freshwater fish I've ever caught.  It was fun to catch but disappointing as I was expecting it to be a catfish.  The girth on this fish was impressive.  It's been eating good to say the least. 

It was a slow night and we called it about midnight.  Still a good trip even though we didn't get our mess of catfish we were hoping for.  Just gives me more reason to get back out again soon. 

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Quick trip trying out some new gear!

Well I got out for a brief jaunt mostly to get a feel for a new pack and use my new knife some.  It was a hot and humid day.   I stuck mostly to a couple trails/roads that are blocked off from public access.  I hunt this area in the fall so it was a good opportunity to scout some of the area I haven't been before. 

So here we are getting going.  I found a hidden away pond down the trail some.  Might be a good spot for ducks in a few months.

The pack I was trying out is a High Sierra Explorer 55.  I loaded this with 30lbs of gear to get a feel for it

You could really pile on the gear with this pack, the top has tie downs, and the bottom has lashing straps as well.  I'll do a post at sometime on the pack in more detail

This pack also has an easily adjustable fit for the shoulder straps to get the torso length right for you.  Also here is the SOG Fieldpup sheath that I used for the Redneck Woodlore knife.  It attached easy to the waisbelt on the pack.  I realized now where dangler sheaths have their place.  I usually don't like danglers so I don't have one but with the waistbelt for the pack it wasn't working with a regular belt ride sheath.  This did fine for this trip.

I also had the Sven Saw a long for this trip.  It was about 90 degrees and almost 100% humidity.  The kiddos still wanted a little hot chocolate.  I thought I'd amuse them and get to use my knife in the process :)

I have used this knife around the house and on some carving projects but this was the first official woods trip with it.  It is a woodlore style made by Redneck knives.  Natural Micarta scales with red liners.  You probably noticed right off the bat it's a convex grind and not a scandi.  I just prefer that grind as I am better with it.  So far I am really liking this knife a lot.

Time to start processing some wood...

Well we got the pot going and got the kids their hot chocolate and then we called it a day.  We probably did 3 miles of hiking.  The pack was very comfortable.  I was actually pretty surprised on how well that 30lbs was carrying.  The load balanced well and never bothered me a bit.  It was hot so I was sweating but the pack does keep the pack off your back so I did feel the breeze on my back.  Only warm spot was around the waistbelt in the back.  But when it's as hot as it was with humidity it won't matter what you are wearing. 

so all in all a good trip out.  The gear was as I hoped it would be and leaves me looking forward to a longer trip out.

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