Thursday, August 9, 2012

A piece of Vintage Fishing Gear

There's just something nostalgic about using vintage gear.  No matter what it is or for, it's like combining two different time periods into one.  You are a using a piece of history in today's world and there's just something very rewarding in that.  When a piece of vintage gear has some family history to it, well it's just that much more special to use.  You have a piece of that relative with you and in a small way they are on the journey experiencing it with you.

I often wonder the stories old gear items could tell us if they could.  More often than not, most outdoor enthusiasts carry a piece of vintage gear and most of the time it's a family heirloom of some kind.  Whether your hunting, fishing, hiking, there's always a place for a vintage piece of gear to have with you.

Here's one vintage piece of fishing gear that belonged to my wife's grandfather.  An Ambassadeur 5000 reel.  There wasn't really a fisherman in the family until I came a long.  So it ended up with me, and after a good cleaning and oiling its fish catching days are far from over.

I often wonder the fish stories this reel could tell.  My wife's grandfather passed away not long after we started dating so I didn't get the chance to hear them first hand.  I still like knowing this was his though, and plan on giving it some more stories to tell and passing it on someday to continue the journey.

I can't wait to land a walleye with it...

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  1. sweet!

    I fully agree on your views regarding vintage gear. It does provide us with a path to the past, but also, because of the materials often used in them, to a path to the earth itself.

    Nay happy hours with this rod. make the old man proud!