Monday, November 18, 2013

Afternoon spent taking in the fresh air with a special lady

Well I got to spend an afternoon out just taking in the fresh air and relaxing with my daughter. She gets really excited for these hikes in the woods so I'm hoping to keep that going. Not much else explaining needed. Here's the trip

Entering the woods

The Fall look has officially arrived in the Oklahoma woods

Crossed a dirt trail, it's always full of deer tracks.  We had a light rain the night before so it was easy to see the fresh tracks made

"there's another one Dad!"  We started following this bucks tracks and then jumped him about 20 yards from this spot.  A nice 8 pointer!

back into the woods

came to a small clearing

inside the woods to search for a suitable camp spot

and found one

Time for the camp chores.  Sven saw made quick work or a dead oak

hatchet's turn was next to break it down for wood stove pieces

can't leave out the knife

ready for fire.  Just to make sure this worked the first time I used some fatwood as well.  Can't spend too much time lighting the fire with kids or you lose em!

waiting patiently 

finally ready

Hot chocolate and donuts.  A good snack according to Bel, and me

view in the front as we enjoyed the fruits of our labor

quick shot of the tools as we packed up

covered out fire pit and headed back out to look for more deer

didn't take long to see more sign

came across this burl that was a little bigger than a basketball.  It was about 8 feet off the ground

then we saw this guy crossing the dirt trail on the way back in.  He was moving pretty slow after the cooler weather we had.  Bel got a kick out of seeing it of course. 

after that it was back in the trees to head on back

It was a great way to spend an afternoon.  We're both already looking forward to next time...

thanks for looking


  1. Cool pics! Bel said she wants to go again and make fire. :-)

    ~Your Wife

    1. Me too! Tell her I'm retiring right now so we can go everyday :)

  2. Awesome! I remember getting my youngest daughter out on trips like these, years later she still wants to go out. We've got a hunt planned for this weekend. They never forget.

    Good on the both of you.

    1. I hope that hunt is a good one for both of you. Bel already is asking to shoot a deer :)

  3. Oh, she looked as though she was having a blast. You looked happy, too. I want to go.

    1. It's good simple fun. We're planning the next trip already...