Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Last outing of 2013

Decided to hit the woods on the last day of 2013.  A farewell send off of sorts.  And a welcoming of a new year with new possibilities...

Entering the treeline

still some snow/ice left from over a week ago

this picture does nothing for proportion.  This nest was huge.  Never saw what was in it.  It's the biggest one I've seen in Oklahoma

came across a small fatwood score.  a dead pinelimb that had just enough to help with a fire.

after that hunger began to set in so it was time to make a camp

wood/camp chores

now it's a party

a happy kiddo

now time for meat

a good way to relax and take in the afternoon


I'm really digging these llbean boots.  They are very light and comfortable.  Felt like I was wearing house slippers all day. 

after that we headed out of the trees and walked quite a spell on dirt road in hopes of spotting a deer.  No deer but we did take in the sunset through the trees.  Which is always a treat.

thanks for looking


  1. I wondered if you built that fire on duff or mineral earth? Couldn't tell clearly from the photo.

    1. It was built on a creek bed runoff area. Ground was pretty damp.

  2. Great trip report! Here's a little tip, though (regarding the second picture): Underwear usually goes INSIDE your pants. jk ;)