Monday, March 17, 2014

Jack's first hike and using the Plumb axe a little

Well I took the kiddos out for a hike and got to try out the axe I put together recently. Big sister(Bel) was really excited to take Jack out on his first hike. I didn't think she knew so much until she started showing and explaining things to Jack, LOL! I wonder where she got all that information...

Here we go, I picked an area with a nice defined trail so Jack wouldn't have to be tripping the whole time


We found an area with a lot of Pine trees and eventually found one with a lot of dead branches that I thought would have some fatwood.  Axe time!

No luck with those branches.  Kind of suprising.  Kids in the meantime were busy.  Jack is wondering what all the strange noises are:

Bel is working on her chopping technique

I eventually harvested a branch with some fatwood.  Success!

Moving on down the trail

Had a "Dad" fail when I realized Jack needs his own hat.  Not too sure how I feel about him wearing a pink one

We found another spot in the shade of the Pine trees and had a snack and a drink.  This is usually the kiddos favorite part. 

Here's two more gear shots.  Packs and a little knife practice.  There was a burn ban so no fire today unfortunately.

The view was nice.  After that we headed back out.  It was a great day out.  Jack took the woods pretty good.  He seemed to enjoy himself and Bel and I had fun too.  I can't wait to get em out again.

Thanks for looing


  1. Ha, it looks like they're both having a blast. Snack time is always a hit!

    1. Yeah, wh oam I kidding, it's my favorite time too ;)

  2. Cool outing!
    Is that what winter looks like in your corner of the world?
    Kids do pick up a lot more than you think.... and not just the good things too. Don't ask me how I know. ;)

    And these days.... well, hey... even boys are allowed to look pretty in pink..

    1. That's not winter the whole time. Oklahoma can't make it's mind up. We had a few inches of snow and freezing temps about a week before that, then bam a spring weather day. It makes it hard to plan outing around that's for sure.

      Yeah they are always watching. Self awareness is maybe one of the most important and least talked about areas of good parenting. You'll be the model for their life, be it good or bad.

      As for pink, just because you can doesn't mean you should :P

      thanks for the comments Ron, always appreciate you

  3. Oh, I love it. What beautiful memories you are building. Bel is such a good big sister. They have a great Dad. Love all of you.

  4. Cute kids! Great to see your little guy getting out there now, too. :)


  5. Hey OE, looks like we have a few things in common: BCUSA, and I have a daughter who will be 5 in June, and a son who is 22 months old. I take them out on expeditions too! Good on you for bringing them along!

    1. Thanks man. And thanks for stopping by. Getting the kids out is a lot of fun. They enjoy it a lot, maybe even more than I do. My daughter has really taken to it. I started the brain washing early :)