Tuesday, December 30, 2014

LLBean Maine Hunting Shoe(Boot) - 100th Anniversary

I've have wanted a pair of Bean Boots for quite awhile.  Last year I was fortunate enough to receive a pair as a Christmas gift and now that I've had them a year I wanted to share some thoughts on them.

The pair I have is the 100th Anniversary which a tribute to the original version of this boot.  This version appealed to me so it's the one I got.  They make a more modern version as well you should be able to find pretty easy on their site.  This model is uninsulated and is 12" in height.  Making it a great boot for warmer or milder temps and of course wet weather of any kind.  These version has the traditional leather and comes with a little packet of Sno-Seal to work into the leather. This model comes with regular boot laces and leather laces.  I decided to give the classic leather laces a go and see how they hold up.  After all it does fit the classic style of this boot very well.  I did use the last of the Sno-Seal on the laces and I believe it has helped them hold up better.  A year in and they are still going strong.

I find this boot to be very comfortable to wear. It is very light and I joke that it almost wears like a house slipper. I found LLBean's sizing advice to be accurate, in that they run a little big to size. I can comfortably wear thick socks when needed. These boots are great for hunting. They only application they are not good for is in cold weather for long sits. They are not insulated and even with warm socks they do not do what a cold-weather boot is meant to do. But they are not designed to so that's not a fault, just knowing it's limits.  The soles do come out easily so you could replace the one in it with a woolfelt sole or similar and get a slight warmth upgrade if you wanted.  In the future I plan to do that and see how much of a difference it makes.  As for performance in wet conditions I have had no problems with my boots keeping my feet dry.  Creek crossings, etc. are no problem. 

Time will tell how good a boot really is.  But the reputation and length of history these have I am not doubting them at all.  LLBean stands behind these boots and you can even have the bottom rubber part replaced if you wear the tread out in them.  Leather boots just get better with age and wear so I expect to like these more and more over time.  I would definitely recommed these boots.  They have met all expectations to me.

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  1. Did you wear them hunting with Ryan? They look comfortable.

    1. The first night out I did. After that it got too cold and I had to use the cold weather boots you got me a few years ago. I'll do a post on those sometime as well.

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