Monday, January 26, 2015

WWII Plumb Hatchet Project - Post 2

Well this project hit a snag.  The handle I picked out had the kerf cut a little too short and basically I don't have enough room on the kerf to hang the head and carve out the adjustment for the crooked eye.  I've been on the hunt for another handle but haven't found a good one yet.  I did get the head cleaned up a bit though.  I got most of the pitting out of the bit and cheeks and got the edge cleaned up.

Here it is currently


after some file work

now edge with a file

It's pretty sharp with just the file.  You can get a good edge with a file once you know what you are doing.  I'll put the final edge with a stone on once it's hung. 

Will post completed hatchet once I get a good handle. 

Thanks for looking.

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