Monday, September 28, 2015

DIY Hammock Project

Well I made up my first hammock today.  It works so I am pleased with the results.  Stitching is not pretty but seemed to do the job fine.  I can't wait to get it out and spend a night in it.  It's made of 1.6 oz HyperD XL.  OAL is 11'2.  I made the ridge-line and found it quite easy so I think I will make my own whoopie slings from now on as well..  Suspension is the whoopie sling/marlin spike.  I made a stuff sack for it too. 

It's comfy, roomy, and the kids are already wanting their own.  haha. 

Here's a few pics

thanks for looking


  1. Nice project! I am seeing this more often, but haven't had a chance to ask - what is the advantage of the ridgeline vs simply attaching each end the the tree w/o the ridgeline? Does it prevent sagging overnight?

    1. Thanks Corey. for your ridgeline question I'll reference a great video on it that the guy does a much better job than I can write. The sagging I believe you are talking about is from the ropes holding the hammock or the hammock material stretching. The ridgeline is essentially to give your hammock a consistent shaping to lay in so no matter the length of the tree spacing, etc. your hammock is in the same position when you get in it. It also takes some of the lateral stress off your hammock so it is mainly supporting the downward force of your weight, and not the side to side tension to the trees. The right hammock material plays a big part of the stretching that feels like bad sagging overnight. Some like it and some don't. But there is material for both. Well again, the video below will help a lot more than I can. Hope either way it helped you out. Take care!