Thursday, October 29, 2015

Quick muzzleloader hunt

Well I had an evening come open so I grabbed the front stuffer and hit the woods, public woods  :rolleyes:.  I had it mind to find a spot that other hunters would have not hunted so I went to an oil well that is loud and no one's first choice.  I hadn't been there before but I wanted to find a spot quick with some sign and was able to do just that.  Found a little clearing with plenty of heavy trails crossing.  The oil rig was about 300 yards away and clanking something awful.  It was perfect!  I found a spot on a slight ridge with a small bush/tree to break up my outline.

Used the old Plumb hatchet to clear out a quick spot then settled in.  For you traditional muzzle-loading enthusiast avert your eyes from my setup.  I love the vintage ones too but I need all the help a hunter can get on my few trips I make it out.  Rifle is a CVA Optima Pro Elite .50cal with a Bushnell 4x32 scope shotgun scope.  So it's basically a single shot 30-30. 

Well my plan of hunting the spot no one else probably has to find the deer looking to avoid a hunter WORKED!  Except too well  :-\

About 30 mins before shooting light expired a doe came up from behind on basically the same path I walked in on.  She came up on my right so quiet I never heard her.  Just saw the flicker of movement from the corner of my eye.  Knew immediately it was a deer.  Plan was to sit still, let her get by me and then make a clean shot.  Instead she stopped dead even with me about 3 yards or so and locked eyes with me.  Since I'm right handed that made shoulder the rifle in any subtle fashion impossible.  She bounded off after a few seconds and turned to look back at me from just inside the treeline.  I could have taken a shot but there was a lot of debris I would have been shooting through.  So the right call was to pass on the shot.  I sat in hopes that maybe the rut started early and buck would be following but no luck. 

So overall it was a good time and in spite of the oil rig it was relaxing and peaceful and the fresh air and smells felt good and I love those heart attack encounters.  I would do it all over again!  Hopefully the next hunt ends with meat cooking pics instead of gear...

Thanks for looking 

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