Saturday, November 8, 2014

Talimena Drive - Family Outing

Well I got the family rounded up and we did the Talimena Drive.  It's in the Ouchita National Forest in eastern Oklahoma and western Arkansas.  The Fall is the best time for this drive as you get a real show of fall colors that the forest offers.  It's not the most outdoorsy trip when you're mostly driving but there are quite a few hiking trails throughout that will test your limits if that's what you're after.

This trip was mostly driving and enjoying the view with a somewhat bushcraft lunch.

Enjoy the pics

Thanks for looking

Friday, November 7, 2014

Council Tool FSS Boys Axe is Back!

Hey folks, No affiliation other than being a customer but Omaha Knife did a special order of the Council Tool FSS boys axes. They also upgraded the handle quality and are using the Velvicutt boy's axe handles. This should be a superb axe!. I have one of the original FSS axes and love it. It is my favorite axe hands down. Feel and performance is just amazing. With the better handles on them now I can't imagine getting something else, in any price range. Just wanted to pass a long.

Here's a few pics of mine from the previous run.  You'll note the horrid grain orientation on mine.  It's still going strong though.  I am doing an experiment of sorts on how long it will last.  This is the issue they corrected by using the upgraded handles.  So you should be confident that the handle will be a good one.

I removed the paint from the head and sanded the handle down.  New model won't have lacquer.

Chop on Axe folk!