Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Fishing updates!

Been doing as much fishing as I can over the last month or so.  Here's a few pics of from various trips!

This is the first fish I caught in the boat!  23.5" saugeye caught in Ft. Cobb lake.  It was a great first catch!

First bass in the boat at lake Thunderbird

This is my FIL's first walleye/saugeye caught in Ft. Cobb.  This was an all boy trip with Jack a long.  Ended up with two keepers this trip.

Jack caught his biggest fish to date on the same trip.  A drum that was around 4lbs.  He put up a good fight and it was fun. 

taking a break on one of the trips to let the kids stretch their legs a bit.

So far we are really enjoying the boat!

Here's a couple bass caught from a pond.  The last one was a good one probably around 4lbs.

thanks for looking and stay tuned for more updates!