Thursday, July 11, 2019

Birthday Fishing trip!

Latest trip to Ft. Cobb lake for walleyes.  It was myself and kiddos on my birthday a few weeks ago.  Catching walleye with the kids on my birthday is a great way to spend the day!  

Also featuring Millie the wonder dog...

Bel with a Hybrid Bass

Swimming break

myself holding some of the catch!


All in all a good day.  Kept 4 walleye but I cleaned one of them ahead of the final picture.  Two were 17, one 18 and one 19!  Good eater sizes!  Hope to get back out soon!

Thanks for looking!

Monday, May 6, 2019

Good ol' father/son fishing trip

Hey folks, Jack and I got out to the lake over the weekend.  Had a darn good day.  Probably caught around 25 hybrid bass and 7 walleye.  Kept about half the bass and 5 of the walleye.  Here's a few pics

Jack with a hybrid

Jack with his big walleye of the day, just shy of 20 inches

We got into a double but the small one was just under the slot limit and had to go back.  Still fun though have two in the net at the same time!

Myself with a walleye, yes Jack had the big one of the day and was darn proud of it!

One full livewell, best problem a fisherman can have

Jack with the days catch before cleaning them

Parting pic of us headed in.  A good day for the books!

thanks for looking! 

Monday, March 11, 2019

First Fish of 2019!

Picked up this pre-spawn bass a couple weeks ago on a cold and windy day.  Hit on a red craw color crankbait.  Felt good to be back on the water feeling something on a rod! 

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Fun times filling the freezer

Just got done doing a 3 day hunt here for gun season in Oklahoma.  Harvested a doe and small buck.  Bel was with me so it was exciting.  Saw lots of deer but all does and small bucks and passed on quite a few.  Got the doe the first morning to make sure we have some meat.  Took this small buck on the last evening.  My dad was skunked so I gave him the doe.  We needed one for ourselves so this guy came out at the right time.  It was exciting and bel can't wait for next year.  She has the itch now and I'll teach her to shoot over this next year so it can be her turn next!

thanks for looking!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Chasing walleye and cats with the kiddos!

Well last Friday I was off work so I packed up the boat and kiddos and went to chase walleye and catfish at Ft. Cobb lake.  Pretty good day for us.  About an hour and half of fishing then some swimming.  Kids reeled in all the fish and dad was on net job.  They did pretty good and we got enough for a fish fry the next evening.  Can't complain!  Here's a few pics from the day

Bel caught the first walleye but it was under the 14" slot so it went back to get bigger

next Bel caught a channel cat that was probably around 4lbs.

Jack was pretty darn proud of his first catch, also his first walleye that was 19.5"

Next Bel caught a blue that was probably 5-6lbs.  It gave her a pretty good fight with a couple runs once it saw the boat

Last fish was another walleye for Jack, this one was 16"

livewell shot

kids found some eggs buried in the sand.  Guessing they were turtle eggs.

the backseat was pretty whipped by end of the day

thanks for looking folks!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Fishing updates!

Been doing as much fishing as I can over the last month or so.  Here's a few pics of from various trips!

This is the first fish I caught in the boat!  23.5" saugeye caught in Ft. Cobb lake.  It was a great first catch!

First bass in the boat at lake Thunderbird

This is my FIL's first walleye/saugeye caught in Ft. Cobb.  This was an all boy trip with Jack a long.  Ended up with two keepers this trip.

Jack caught his biggest fish to date on the same trip.  A drum that was around 4lbs.  He put up a good fight and it was fun. 

taking a break on one of the trips to let the kids stretch their legs a bit.

So far we are really enjoying the boat!

Here's a couple bass caught from a pond.  The last one was a good one probably around 4lbs.

thanks for looking and stay tuned for more updates!