Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Sons' first hammer

Well Jack needed a hammer of his own.  He's close to losing dads so I thought it would be fun to make him one and let mine stay where I put it!  HA!  So we found a good oldie and made it happen.  Turned out pretty good.

Vintage Craftsman hammer - $1
New octagonal handle - $3.99

Getting the old handle off, Made Jack do most of the work.  What do you know?  It came with two wedges too!

now we're sanding the lacquer off and taking off the rust while trying to leave the patina, like using sandpaper and water for rust removal.  Keeps the dust down and let's you see your work better

now we're getting it fitted all the way down nice and tight.  Curling all around

we carved his name in and used some coal to fill it in and put some boiled linseed oil on it and she's done!  He likes it!  We'll see if he can hang on to it.  He is pretty proud it's the same size as dads!

thanks for lookin!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Council Tool Velvicut Hudson Bay Belt Hatchet

Hey folks I have another Council Tool Velvicut offering for you to have a look at!  It's the Hudson Bay Belt Hatchet. 

Head              1.25lb(5160 Steel, RC 52-56)
Length            14 inches
Edge Length    3.5 inches

First thing to note is this Hudson Bay head is not a smaller version of their 2lb Hudson Bay.  It has had some changes to prevent loosening of the head, which is the most common problem associated with Hudson Bay patterns.  It has a tall eye with interior eye ridges and is hung proud.  I really beat this pretty good by driving into rounds a little bigger than you would use it on and it did not come loose.  I did not soak in linseed oil either, I'm using it in out of the box condition.  It is good practice though to give any axe/hatchet a few coating of linseed oil though.  It will be part of your regular maintenance to maintain it so you might as well start it off right.  This really is a good looking and feeling hatchet.  The handle ergonomics are great all round.  Good weight and feel all over.  Nice end swell to fill your hand and just thick enough towards the head to choke up on and do finer work. 

The sheath has two options to pick from.  You have a full sheath and a mask version.  Both seem very well made and had a nice snug fit to them.  The full sheath has belt loops and a D-ring attachment as well.

Here's a profile look, this was hung very well and was hung straight, metal wedge was set perfectly as well.  Good grain too!

This hatchet did a fine job splitting down kindling.  That is an expected chore of any hatchet and I think anyone will be pleased with it's chopping and splitting performance when using it on wood appropriate for its size.  I really found this hatchet to be a nice carver.  I had been needing get my 5 year old son a smaller paddle for our canoe trips so I thought it would be fun to carve out one with the hatchet. 

Getting started I found about a 5-6" wide branch and sawed it off.  It has a nice curve to it that I incorporated into the handle motion that I think should work nicely for him.

This hatchet has nice bite and it is a high centerline hatchet so it just peels wood naturally in carving

getting closer

here's that curve I am working into the shape

This is pretty close for the rough out.  I'll need to thin the paddle a little more and then refine it a bit with a draw knife and I plan to round the end of the handle.  But it's coming a long.  This was probably done in about 30-40 minutes or so.

I think this hatchet would be a great option for anyone wanting that light weight packable option.  I myself prefer a smaller hatchet in my hunting pack just to cut the weight down but still have a formidable tool in the bag when needed.  Most backpackers would appreciate its size and weight as well.  It should be comfortable for new comers to the axe/hatchet market and a very non-intimidating option.  This hatchet's quality is top notch.  I like the deep stamping of the makers mark and USA on each side.  This is heirloom quality and would be an awesome first axe.  I think it would be cool to see the BSA start using a high quality USA made hatchet like this again.  This size is pretty much the same as the old high quality offerings they would use.  Those are still around and have been passed down and this could be as well.  If you find yourself in the market for a hatchet of this size it would be a terrific choice. 

Pricing from Council Tool's website at this time is:

$107.05 with the mask cover
$119.52 with the full sheath

Thanks for looking and I will do my best to answer questions!   

Friday, June 16, 2017

Caught my Shark!!

Caught this shark from the surf in Florida in the Seacrest/Rosemary beach area of the panhandle.  We're on our annual trip and I have been wanting to get one of these and finally made it happen!  Caught it with a lady fish head.  It was fun as heck to catch.


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Paddling some mountain lakes

I spent Memorial Day on the water getting out fished by the only person allowed to out fish me.  The area was the Wichita Mountains and we tried out a couple small lakes.  Lots more we'll have to get back and try out sometime.  It was a great day.  Didn't take as many full trip report pics as I usually do but here's a look at the day.

Gotta take a buffalo pic!

Thanks for lookin folks!