Thursday, March 2, 2017

Homemade Hunter's Axe

Well some of you may remember this Plumb hatchet project I did awhile back.  There was just something about it that didn't do it for me on the handle.  I've been wanting to do something different with it and finally made up my mind.  It's a 1.5lb head and the edge is 3 1/2 inches.  It's an old WWII hatchet and the profile on it is just awesome.  I've always liked the looks of the handle on the GB hunters axe so I thought I'd use that shape as my inspiration.  Now the big axe in the pic is a 3lb Keen Kutter that I want to rehandle on a 28" straight haft for a fallers buddy axe down the road.  So I repurposed the big axe handle for the hunters axe project.   

So I measured out the length to be a little over 19 inches and cut the handle in the places to get the shape I wanted and got it fitted. 

All sanded

I decided to try torching the handle a bit on this one as well.  I have never done one until now but I like it.

Now I applied quite a few coats of Watco.  Will probably do some more but it looks darn good so far

trying it out some.

carved a stool for Jack with it.  It is a great carver.  Handle looks thin but it feels just right.

It'll make a good woods companion.  It's been awhile since I had a 1.5lb head for a half axe.  I forgot how light they feel. 

Hope you liked it and thanks for looking!