Monday, March 23, 2015

New Knife!!! - Redneck Knives customized woodlore

Well I have long had a knife idea in my head and thought it was time to see it come to life.  I contacted my friend Steve who is the owner/maker of Redneck Knives and he took on the project.  I wanted his original woodlore style knife but with a convex grind.  I chose the woodlore design as I do feel it is the best allround shape.  The lower drop of the point keeps the edge straight longer and aids in power cuts as well as controlled cuts in general.  The point being centered in the blade gives you the most point control as well.  It's the most natural handling knife design I have found.  The one big change you probably noticed is I wanted a convex grind instead of a scandi.  That is just my preference as I am better with that grind and feel it is the best allround grind on a knife.  So those were my preferences, now let's get to the good stuff.

I thought it would be fun to show some of the build process.  Hope you enjoy!

Blank cut and handle materials.  It's 5/32" O1 steel.  I wanted natural tan micarta and red liners for the handle on this knife.  Micarta is a very tough and good handle material.  It's light but takes hard use well and resist the elements as good as anything can.

The 3/4 height convex grind
In the forge for heat treating

Rockwell test for the correct hardness.  And it's perfect at 59!

Final shaping of blade and getting ready to be handled:
Using brass bolts and lanyard tube.  This will be one solid knife!

shaping process of the handle to my specifications.  Looking really good!
Now for the finished knife and some pics after I recieved it


The sheath was made and gifted to me by a friend(Dan).  This sheath is not perfect but is very well made and solid.  It is a tank of a sheath.  For this to be his work that didn't make the cut is impressive.  His sheaths that make the cut must be as good as it gets.  I am thrilled and grateful to have been gifted this sheath.  It goes perfect with the knife.

This package will be my new hip companion.  The knife is my best rendition of my perfect allround woods/hunting knife.  It should be well suited to any task I throw it's way.  The build quality of the knife by Steve is outstanding and it is the most comfortable knife I have ever held.  I suppose all those reasons are why I had it made.  Steve made this build project very fun and easy.  He was great to work with.  If you want to find Steve you can check out his work and get in contact with him here, Redneck Knives, As for this knife look to see it in plenty of pics down the road. 
thanks for looking