Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Exhaust Manifold Replacement on the Truck

I figured I'd post up some projects on my truck as I slowly go through it and work on it when needed.

Last Friday night I replaced the left(driver side) exhaust manifold.  Old one had a nice crack.  This was a pretty straight forward project.  Only unforeseen pain in the butt part was a bracket that holds the power steering pump in place was held in place by the two front manifold bolts.  So to take it off I had to get a pulley puller kit and take the tension held pulley off to be able to unbolt the bracket so I could move it out of the way.  Added about 2 hours to the project.  So total time on this was about 4 hours.  But I'm a knuckle head and was doing this for the first time so it can be done much faster. 

Here is the old in place with the crack on the first left elbow on the manifold

Here it is pulled out

here is old and the new one

installed...finally .  you can see that black metal bracket on the left two bolts that traveled along the back of the power steering pump. 

a couple engine pics.  the air filter housing was painted red when I got it. I didn't like it at first but I am getting used to it and feel it's growing on me.

well I did get some of my power back that the leak was robbing me of.  Also it is much quieter so it solved my vacuum leak issue up front.  So I think we can call this one a success. 

thanks for looking