Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Old Tools - Find out just how good they are

Old tools can be found almost anywhere if you look for them.  Maybe even your own place.  There are so many tools that were common in the old days and now we simply don't use them or have the need for them.  Bu that doesn't mean they aren't great tools and you can't find a use for them.  I was pleasantly surprised recently by a True Temper hewing hatchet. 

I came across this hatchet head that belonged to my wife's grandfather.  It was at the bottom of an old toolbox.  I decided to clean it up and put a handle on it just to see if I could find a use for it and maybe even broaden my wood skills a little. 

I found a handle with the best grain alignment I have ever seen

So after hanging the head and stripping off the lacquer finish I was blasting away wood chips in no time.  The head is heavy, around 2-2.5lbs, but the weight of the head does the work.  You don't even have to swing it to get to work effectively.  All you're doing is basically lifting it and letting it land where you want.  The other nice feature I noticed and tried out was the flat poll.  I used it to set a metal wedge in an axe and it worked better than any hammer or small maul I've used.  The large flat surface and weight of the head made it effortless.

Like all tools it will take some practice to become efficient with, but I'm looking forward to using this and keeping an eye open for other old tools that could serve a hidden purpose.  So if you find yourself staring at an old rusted tool of yester-year pick it up, and find out for yourself why everyone used to have one.


  1. I've restored a number of old tools, all of them purchased for a song. There's something satisfying about using a tool from yesteryear which you have restored!

  2. Love it!
    But than again, I love old tools in general, too.
    Carpenter's hatchet?

    1. It's single beveled so it's a hewing hatchet but it's pretty much made to do carpentry work so it's about the same thing really.