Saturday, July 7, 2012

Took a special girl fishing

I took my  daughter Isabel fishing this morning.  That's special enough by itself but what makes it a little sweeter is that I took her to the ponds of my youth.  It's nice to be able to go back to my old stompin grounds.  I started fishing these ponds when I was 3 and now she's 3 and fishing at places I stood at her age.  I'm glad this place is still around to share it with her and you can still catch a fish or two as well.  This is actually a series of 4 ponds that are very close to each other.  Today we fished two of the ponds.  Here's the first one.   It's very clear and deep.

This one is shallow and mossy and great for largemouth's.

These ponds are located at the back of my old neighborhood right next to a golf course.  These ponds aren't part of the course and most of the time you have the place to yourself.  Well now it's time to catch some fish and of course you need a worm

Dora hat and a Dora fishing pole...We let her pick them out, haha.  We're always saying use the gear you want right?


Waiting for a bite.  You can see the cork out in the water from the bigger picture.

There's a very very old shed next to the water.  I remember being about 5 or so and trompin through the broken down golf carts and they seemed old back then and are still there today.  That shed probably hasn't had any attention in 30-40 years.

Well it's not a huge one but it is the first fish of the day

I'm pretty sure I've got Isabel headed down the outdoorsy girl path.  She will handle fish and the worms :)

Another fish

Gotta love catching the sunfish with the kids.  I think God wanted to make sure anyone could go fishing and have fun when he put them here.

This picture was funny as she shoved the pole in my hand telling me to take it so she could grab the fish

and yes we had to pet every fish we caught.

Isabel wanted to dig out the next worm


The pic above is bel walking between the two ponds.  The one we were fishing is just on the edge of the trees to the right.  So these two ponds are only about 5-7 yards apart.  It was time to grab a quick drink at the truck and then get back at it.

Well bel kept saying she wanted a bigger fish and she gets anxious and likes walking the shorelines and throwing rocks in the water and other things kids like to do.  So I decided to to follow her on the shoreline of the bigger pond with my pole and see if I can show her a bigger fish via topwater lure.  About 5 casts later...success

Well we walked around a little more and then we got hungry so we decided to head on in for lunch.


and of course bel had to play in the water one last time

Well it was a good day.  A trip down memory lane of both old and new, caught some fish and caught some memories too. 


  1. This is a big smilepost. Allways happens to me when I see a dad having a good time with his younster(s).
    Well done, dad! And bel offcourse!

  2. Fishing with a 3-year-old can be such a rewarding experiece. They just love everything about it!


  3. Great time! It's cool that you can take her at the place you remember as a boy. There's something significant about that.

  4. Thanks for kind words guys.

    SL yeah it is pretty neat getting to take her back there. It's just another one of those "My how time flies" moments... I think of the fish I caught and friends that were with me...kinda sad but nice to still have that place to go to.