Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wetterlings Fun!

Well I'm out staying at a nice cabin with the family.  There had been a lot of rain the last couple days so long story short, all the firewood was too wet too light.  So the next day I decided to grab a quick pack and the axe and head out in search of a dead cedar or pine tree to use in getting the fire started.  I paddled across the cove and here's the shoreline views on arrival.

the woods are just stunning this time of year

I came across this fallen cedar tree that was perfect.  I wasn't planning to kill a live tree but since this one had apparantly fallen from wind after some critter chewed on the base a little. 

Limbing the tree took about a minute

then I chopped it up into small logs

There were some standing dead trees that I took the pleasure of chopping down. 

about minute of chopping and it was down.  The Wetterlings bites pretty deep so you can tackle decent size trees with this 20" axe.

Spalted trees always look cool.

Next tree up

this was the second swing

This is 15 swings

frist swing on the other side

Second swing on the other side

and 7 more swings we were done with this one too

fallen tree

That was some quick chopping fun but it was time to head on in (this axe fits all the way inside this pack)

and here's the haul for the day loaded up in the canoe ready to back to the cabin

Thanks for looking folks


  1. I find the LHA to be a good balance between chopping performance, splitting performance, size and weight. A jack of all trades. I prefer a slightly bigger and heavier axe when dealing with bigger wood in the north in wintertime, but for most situations, the LHA is a great solution.

    Nice scenery, BTW!

  2. Looks like you are getting some nice leaf change views out there. Fall is such a great time of year. Nice axe too!