Monday, November 26, 2012

day out, full of ups and downs

The day started out great.  I headed out to the woods to enjoy some time to myself.  I can always count on a certain pond to be holding ducks so I made it a point to swing by it early to see if I could get some protein for lunch.  Sure enough.  I came up on the pond and there must have been over a 100 ducks on it. 

The sunrise through the trees wasn't bad either. "Up" for the day.

Well as luck would have it, when all those ducks rose up on the far side of the pond a small group circled back around and went right over me.  One shot rang out, one duck down.  I had my protein for later.  Another "up" for the day.

I sat on the side of the pond for a bit just to enjoy the sunrise some more and watch the ducks come back in.

I easily could have stayed and shot ducks all morning.  This one landed not 5 yards in front of me in the water.

Well after that I headed into the woods.  I decided to scout a new area just to see what kind of deer sign I could come across.

As I was making my way through the trees I was coming up on a clearing and noticed on the edge of the clearing were 3 does making their way towards me.  I wasn't trying to be quiet but the deer hadn't made me so I hunkered down and got the camera ready as they were coming right at me.  They got to about 30 yards and the wind blew behind me and about 10 seconds later the bigger doe had her head up, and about minute later they were bounding off.

Here's the clearing, unfortunately no pics of them so here's to hoping for next time.  Still a fun encounter though.

I found a decent spot for camp and began to settle in and get the camp chores going.   Here's the old swedish pack and my duck/goose gun.

I brought the thermos today as I was anticipating having to wait on the pond for a bit and wanted to have a warm cup of coffee to keep me company.  I didn't have to wait but having a hot cup ready as soon as I arrived at camp was pretty nice too.

I decided to chop down a dead standing tree.  It was on the bigger side for the Wetterlings Large Hunters Axe, but I had chopped similar size trees with it so decided to have at it.

I'm not sure when it happened, but I looked at the bit after some chopping and noticed a piece of steel had broke off.  First "down" of the day, and a big one to say the least.  I really liked this axe.  It hadn't let me down until now.

 Well I hope Wetterlings makes this right.  We'll see.

Well after that let down it was still time to keep the good times rolling.  Having a sweet custom knife to use helped get my mind off the axe failure.  Here we are getting the fire prep ready.

Gotta love fatwood and ferro rods.

Now it was time to prep lunch.  A duck-ka-bob.  Featuring duck breast, red potatos, and yellow onion.

Breasting out the duck

food prep of slicing up the meat and veggies

Finally cooking

This is going to be good

Well "down" number two of the day happened when the food was cooked.  I had it in my little plate looking delicious, I set it down on the log, and went to get the salt and pepper from the pack, turned around and the plate had fallen off and all the food was in the dirt.  I scooped up the duck and a little bit of the onion.  I went ahead and ate it.  The dirt added a nice kick of nature's seasoning.  But this was not the way I planned to eat this meal.

Here's some shots around camp

I ate my dirt seasoned duck and then enjoyed some more coffee while kicking back as the fire burnt itself out.

I did bring some venison jerky from the buck I killed last week.  It was outstanding.

I'll have to do a post sometime on this old swedish rucksack.  I changed some things about it but I really like this pack.  One of the nice features is the leather lashing straps on the bottom.  Perfect for a bedroll or in this case, carrying my wool coat after the day warmed up a bit.

Well I got the fire out and packed up the gear and started to make my way back out.

When I came back up on the pond a lot of the ducks had came back.  You can see them flying up here just above the treeline in the center. 

Well this day had its ups and downs, but all in all it was still a good day.  Beats working any time

Thanks for looking


  1. Livin the dream brother, well except for the busted axe. My kinda time spent outside! Nothing quite like duck over a campfire.

  2. As said, the axemishap is a real bummer, but the rest looks good! I'd join you anytime...
    As far as the backpack goes; I too like mine apart from the fact that it basically is one large compartment with all the gear in it. The additional leatherstraps on the bottom are a good thing and you can even strap something like a jacket on top, using the 2 slits in the top and some straps. I guess the 2 straps on the side are for skis or something like that.

  3. "Beats working anytime" sentiments exactly. :) Sorry to hear about the downs, but at least your ups were good ones! I've had trips where there were almost nothing but downs! (not in a while, though ;).

  4. Looks like a great adventure. I always have to make sure to move slowly when cooking because I too have tasted earth and prefer my food without that natural seasoning.

  5. Sorry about your Wetterlings mate. That's definitely a bad heat treat and you should email the link to this post directly to Wetterlings. That duck looks delicious, thanks for the photos!