Thursday, August 15, 2013

Trying out a new pole a the ponds

Well my daughter turned 5 last week, man time is really starting to fly.  One of her gifts was a new fishing pole so we had to try it out of course.  Fish were biting right away so this made for a fun trip.

New pole seems to be jinx free and working fine

Bel likes touching every fish and admiring their colors

Well it's a good thing we had a bigger pole this trip cause I don't think the 2ft. toddler pole would have landed this turtle.  It provided some excitement though and of course Bel was intrigued to say the least.

Pole worked pretty well.  It's a ladies all metal Zebco 22 and a 4'10 ultra light rod from Basspro.  Pretty good little setup that should keep catching panfish fun.

It was a good day for both of us.  It's hard to beat a kid smiling with a fishing pole in hand. 

Thanks for lookin


  1. Yeah!
    How cool is that! New rod and catching them right away!
    Did you really catch that turtle too?
    Congratulations to the pretty lady on her 5th, by the way!

    1. Thanks Ron. Yeah the turtle must have muscled his way in to get it. At first I thought it was a foul-hooked fish but then realized it was a turtle. Bel thought it was pretty neat. Then wanted to catch more of them of course. LOL!

  2. Panfish are great fun. Tell her she out-fished my last attempt! Very cool, and happy 5th to her.

    1. Thanks Corey, and yeah I've seen your post and know that's a true statement. :)

  3. Great job teaching her to fish! I caught a turtle when I was a kid, too. Thought it was the craziest thing. :)

    Happy B-Day to Bel!


    1. Thanks Matt, feeling a turtle is always startling at first. You can tell something is wrong pretty quick.