Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Featherstick practice with a C3 knife

Hey folks, nothing terribly exciting in this thread.  Just had one of those days where I needed a short break of doing something outdoorsy, if only for a short time.  Decided to get out the new knife, C3 Light Hunter, and practice feathersticks a little since fall is around the corner and I haven't made any in awhile, as sad as that is. 

So here we go, splitting a small dead branch to break down

Now were gettin somewhere

a little more

figured why not make another.  Knife was making excellent curls

Well I got these two made up and then realized I should have brought the ferro-rod.  Would have been fun to light em up.  Maybe next time.

Thanks for lookin


  1. Looks like the C3 does the trick! Thanks for showing.


    1. Thanks WW. It's the simplest of test for sure but I'm really liking the feel of this one. More to come with fall :)