Monday, September 23, 2013

Kicking off Fall with a hot cup in the woods

Well with lows in the 50's and highs in the 70's fall is officially on the way. I found myself so excited I started reaching for the wool jacket, but we're not quite there yet so I thought better of it. Well I had some free time to kill so I headed to the woods with my favorite woods roaming buddy. Nothing particular on the agenda except taking in an early evening and a nice hot drink for a welcome Fall toast.

Making our way to the timber

bel was as excited as I was to get back out

We found a good spot in the shade with some old felled trees that made for a nice camp setup

Using some good ol USA steel to clear the camp area and start some wood prep

a good helper

gettin some shavings ready

took some doing but they finally went up

a pot heating up is always a good sight

about a 5 minute boil time give or take, not too bad

reward of hot tea and coco. A good way to welcome fall

after that we packed up. We had dug a small hole to put the fire in so when we were finished we poured some water over the coals and then buried it easily. No trace

All in all a good time. It felt good to be in the woods again. Looking forward to colder temps and more ventures.

thanks for looking 


  1. You've got to love fall! Glad you were able to get out for a little while.

    1. Thanks Corey. Hopefully the cooler weather continues. A harsh winter sounds fun :)

  2. Your little helper sure is cute. Maybe Lumber Jack will want to go next time. ;-)

    -- Love, Your Wife

    1. She is and LumberJack wishes he was going. He'd probably fit in the pack so it's a possibility :)

  3. Oh, I knew you two would be out soon. Love the pics. Keep them coming.

  4. Those are summer temperatures here in Finland. ;) Glad to see you're getting out!