Tuesday, October 8, 2013

More Green vs. Deadwood tinder - Yellow Pine

Hey folks, back again with another comparison of green versus dead tree tinders.  Had some request on a forum to try pine with this test so went ahead and got after it.  This was Yellow Pine.  Here is a green branch

got it split down

made up some feathersticks and put them in the sun

Well this pine wasn't seasoned like the oak so that is a different variable than the oak test.  I just didn't have any seasoned pine so that's the reason for that change.  But I did find a dead branch and proceeded to split down and featherstick it out

both sticks this time were from branches instead of small log size pieces so the sticks were pretty thin.  Ended up making a couple small feathersticks with each.

Well on to the test. First up the dead pine.  It was a pain in the butt to light. Finally got it lit and it burned pretty good for it's size.

The green pine went right up on the second strike and burned up so fast I barely got a pic.

here are the burned out sticks.  Dead on the left, green on the right

Well it is interesting in both woods that the greenwood went up very easily with a ferro rod.  both burned faster than the deadwoods.  I think if you have trouble lighting tinder to flame with a ferro rod that some greenwood curls or featherstick may help a lot as an accelerator to lighting your main tinder.  That's two test with great results.  I'm going to try this out more as I get out this season but you can't argue the results so far.

One last bonus on the way out was craossing a small flock of turkeys.  They took off of course but I was able to get one shot as one looked back before bolting.

thanks for lookin


  1. Again, interesting. I've tried this with birch, and just could not get the green birch to light, even with a match. Cold temperatures might have had something to do with it, though.

    Anyway, thanks for showing!


    1. Thanks WW, we don't have a much birch here so I don't get to play with it as much as I'd like. The birch bark is awesome from what I've seen and heard. no first hand experience though. Sad I know...

  2. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I didn't think green pine would take a spark. I guess it makes sense in a way because of the pine sap inside, but still... Very interesting.

    1. Yeah both of the greenwoods were surprising. I didn't think they'd take as easy as they did. A sustainable fire is another story I'm sure but for just needing some tinder that's easy to light this seems like an option.

  3. yeah, I'm also pretty surprised. That is not the result I would expect/predict. Still that's pretty good to keep in the back of the mind, and now I'm thinking I'll have to repeat the test just to see.

    Either way, thanks for the results!