Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tinder Comparison - Green vs Seasoned wood

Thought I'd play with the knife some more by testing some green oak and seasoned oak.  Why?  Cause playing with knives and making fire is FUN! 

So I took off an oak branch that was hanging into a trail and split down and proceeding to make a featherstick

I set this aside in the sun and breeze for about 30 mins. 

On to the seasoned oak.  This wood was hard

And here are the two contestants

First up the seasoned oak

Went up as expected, now for the green

No problem.  Well they both worked fine.  Honestly they were about the same to light.  The seasoned oak burned longer and slower while the green went up faster but didn't burn as long.  The green stick had finer thinner curls just cause it was curling super easy.  The seasoned wood being much harder didn't curl as fine but was dry and good wood for burning, obviously.  Only other variable is what would have happened had I not let the green one dry for a bit.  The green oak surprised me here.  I thought it would light but not as easily as it did.  The wood wasn't as wet feeling as other kinds of trees are when alive but maybe testing more trees would be fun to do in the future.

thanks for lookin


  1. Hmm, I'm surprised the green oak lit up so readily. Thanks for showing!