Friday, April 25, 2014

Woods, bushcraft, kids and hotdogs, my life in a nutshell :)

Decided to take the kids out for some dinner in the woods. Hot dogs and finger foods seems easy enough. So we packed up and headed out to see how much spring is taking over in our neck of the woods. We stuck to some trails mostly, so Jack can walk without tripping every two steps. Then we went off path to have an alone spot for our woods meal.

Onto the pics...

found this little guy under a log

to give you an idea how little, here's Jack's massive toddler boots for scale

after a bit of hiking we found a suitable spot to make a quick camp and felled a tree and sawed it up

made some shaving with fatwood to get a quick fire

happy kiddos and a mess for dad to pick up, after that we headed on back out

sunset shot through the trees

we finished up throwing rocks, don't think kids would have it any other way

thanks for looking


  1. The simple things are always the best. Too many people spend too much time, physical energy and mental energy on making plans to survive in the woods/wilderness in situations that probably never will/or never need to arise. We should go out to the woods not just to survive but to enjoy our surroundings and leave for home feeling so happy that we are already planning our next day. What better way is there than to watch our children enjoying these simple things.

    1. I couldn't agree more Tony. Preparedness is fine but having having fun and making memorable experiences is what it's really about.

  2. Man, your kids are getting big - Jack especially! Good times!