Monday, July 28, 2014

New Edition to the family and future upland hunting companion

Well the kiddos birthdays are only a couple weeks apart and their big gift was a combined gift. Bel has been wanting a puppy for awhile and and we decided now is as good as time as any. So here is "Duke", named by the kids. He is a Cocker Spaniel. I've always been found of this breed and now I'll get to find out first hand if there was any reason for it.

I'll be taking him out this fall for upland hunts and maybe see how he does in a goose pit here. Not sure what to expect but I'll post updates accordingly. 

thanks for looking


  1. He's so cute. What a treat for everyone. How's Roxy with her?

  2. Congrats Brandon. Duke is definitely a cute pup.

  3. He'll be a handfull for a while, but a real asset later on.
    Many happy hours with him!

  4. How is your little companion coming along?

    1. Hey Tim! I didn't know you made your way around the blog world too, haha. Duke is doing fine. He's still on the small side right now for a goose dog. He'll need to get a little bigger but I am planning to give him a go working a couple pheasant fields starting in December. He's a bundle of energy so I think working a field will be right up his alley. I'll do a post on it when I get him out.