Monday, July 20, 2015

Nightfishing in the canoe

Here's few pics from a fishing trip a couple days ago.  This lake is the highest I've ever seen it.  Our record rainfall here in May still has all our lakes full or over.  This first shot is the put it spot and the island in the background is where I would walk and fish before all the rain. 

We were set out to mainly fish for catfish and then also be casting for crappie, bass, saugeye.

Here's canoe shot, the BIL is in front

those rod holders are pretty crappy.  They were dirt cheap and they are proving it.  While they did work I am planning to get some better holders like those driftmaster holders or something similar.  The little board though worked well for having a steady platform to mount the holders to.

While fishing around a marina and closed boatramp these ducks came by to amuse us.  They were used to being fed.  They swam right up to us and were chasing our lures when we would cast.  It was pretty amusing as the baby ducks were literally running on water chasing them. 

The sunset was enjoyable as it usually is from the water

Well we caught some sandbass for a bit and once darkness fell the wind died down and we set out for the deeper water.  I don't know if it was the water being high or what but we didn't get into catfish at all.  I couldn't believe it as I always get into them here.  Only fish we caught picture worthy was this massive sheepshead.  We think it was around 15lbs or so, it's one of the biggest freshwater fish I've ever caught.  It was fun to catch but disappointing as I was expecting it to be a catfish.  The girth on this fish was impressive.  It's been eating good to say the least. 

It was a slow night and we called it about midnight.  Still a good trip even though we didn't get our mess of catfish we were hoping for.  Just gives me more reason to get back out again soon. 

thanks for looking


  1. Good times! You just can't beat puttering around the lake in a canoe, fishing, and taking it easy. I have those same rod holders and was equally as disappointed.

    1. Yeah I don't need to catch anything to enjoy myself on the water. Would have stopped a long time ago if that was the case, haha.

      Have you upgraded rod holders?