Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Quick trip trying out some new gear!

Well I got out for a brief jaunt mostly to get a feel for a new pack and use my new knife some.  It was a hot and humid day.   I stuck mostly to a couple trails/roads that are blocked off from public access.  I hunt this area in the fall so it was a good opportunity to scout some of the area I haven't been before. 

So here we are getting going.  I found a hidden away pond down the trail some.  Might be a good spot for ducks in a few months.

The pack I was trying out is a High Sierra Explorer 55.  I loaded this with 30lbs of gear to get a feel for it

You could really pile on the gear with this pack, the top has tie downs, and the bottom has lashing straps as well.  I'll do a post at sometime on the pack in more detail

This pack also has an easily adjustable fit for the shoulder straps to get the torso length right for you.  Also here is the SOG Fieldpup sheath that I used for the Redneck Woodlore knife.  It attached easy to the waisbelt on the pack.  I realized now where dangler sheaths have their place.  I usually don't like danglers so I don't have one but with the waistbelt for the pack it wasn't working with a regular belt ride sheath.  This did fine for this trip.

I also had the Sven Saw a long for this trip.  It was about 90 degrees and almost 100% humidity.  The kiddos still wanted a little hot chocolate.  I thought I'd amuse them and get to use my knife in the process :)

I have used this knife around the house and on some carving projects but this was the first official woods trip with it.  It is a woodlore style made by Redneck knives.  Natural Micarta scales with red liners.  You probably noticed right off the bat it's a convex grind and not a scandi.  I just prefer that grind as I am better with it.  So far I am really liking this knife a lot.

Time to start processing some wood...

Well we got the pot going and got the kids their hot chocolate and then we called it a day.  We probably did 3 miles of hiking.  The pack was very comfortable.  I was actually pretty surprised on how well that 30lbs was carrying.  The load balanced well and never bothered me a bit.  It was hot so I was sweating but the pack does keep the pack off your back so I did feel the breeze on my back.  Only warm spot was around the waistbelt in the back.  But when it's as hot as it was with humidity it won't matter what you are wearing. 

so all in all a good trip out.  The gear was as I hoped it would be and leaves me looking forward to a longer trip out.

thanks for looking


  1. It's been a while! Good to see you back!
    Nice knife and pack. The saw I'm not too sure about. Look awkward to use.

  2. Thanks Ron, it has been too long. Hopefully I'll be able to get back out on a more frequent basis!

    as for the saw I actually really like it. I prefer it to a folding saw and the weight is comparable or less in most cases. It does a good amount of work quickly for such a light package.

  3. Good looking knife. I am with you on the convex grind. Scandi sure has it's own usefulness, but for all-around handiness, convex is just hard to beat. Glad you're getting to be out some this summer. I bet it's hot as heck in OK right now!

    1. Thanks Corey, it is very hot and there is not end in sight. I'm hoping to get out for some fishing trips and also getting the canoe wet as much as possible.

  4. Looks like fun. Where are the kiddos pics?

    1. None this trip. We were always busy and Jack was not happy on this trip, haha.