Monday, May 6, 2019

Good ol' father/son fishing trip

Hey folks, Jack and I got out to the lake over the weekend.  Had a darn good day.  Probably caught around 25 hybrid bass and 7 walleye.  Kept about half the bass and 5 of the walleye.  Here's a few pics

Jack with a hybrid

Jack with his big walleye of the day, just shy of 20 inches

We got into a double but the small one was just under the slot limit and had to go back.  Still fun though have two in the net at the same time!

Myself with a walleye, yes Jack had the big one of the day and was darn proud of it!

One full livewell, best problem a fisherman can have

Jack with the days catch before cleaning them

Parting pic of us headed in.  A good day for the books!

thanks for looking! 

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