Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Canoe Campout

Got out for some good lake time the other night.  This lake is local and while not the prettiest it is a quick place to get away for a bit.  I wanted to spend most of the time on the water and not on the road since it was only one night.  Here's the takeout spot and the canoe packed up ready to go.

I put in at the farthest road access area and then paddled a couple miles to the back end of the lake to get away from the crowds.  I stopped a long the way checking out some spots to decide which one I like for the evening.

some thick woods

lake view from higher up

Well this was going to be the spot until I noticed the ATV tracks, didn't want to camp somewhere then have unexpected company show up

I did decide to harvest some of the dry beachwood that was all over the place

I came across this dead needlenose gar and didn't even know they were in this lake until seeing this one

speaking of fish I did manage to catch some protein for later

Well there was a cedar tree close so I took the opportunity to gather up some dry branches and some cedar shavings

This was an overhang wash out but it went back in about 6 feet.  Might make a good quickie shelter if you needed it bad enough.  But then again it could implode at any time.

more cedar shaving harvesting

and we're ready to make fire

Well I had decided to camp next to the water hoping it would be cooler so I found a spot and unloaded after getting the fire going as it was starting to get late already

dinner was the sandbass and some hushpuppies, I basically make them bigger so they kinda look like pancakes when there done.

since the bugs have been pretty bad this year I took the tent so I wouldn't have to worry about them all night

here's some views of the lake from the camp spot.  Evening was coming on fast, it was actually darker than these pictures make it look

here's some shots once darkness finally hit and then I was pretty exhausted and hot so I went to bed and tried to sleep.

Morning came quick and I woke up to a group of about 10 crows that were fighting over something about 5 yards from camp.  But I did have a great view of the sunrise

a friend at work gave me some of these Juan Valdez coffee singles and this is hands down the best coffee I have ever had.

breakfast consisted of a lot of bacon and a lot of eggs.  I did about 3 skillets worth of bacon and munched on it until all the bacon was cooked and then it was time for the eggs.

Well I enjoyed the trip except for one part...It was over 100 degrees when I put in and it was suppose to be over 100 again the next day.  I went through 3 gallons of water in about 18 hours.  So I headed back in while it was still cool and I had some water left.  So as much as I enjoyed the outdoors time I think I'll stick to the campouts and overnighters in the cooler weather.  Here's some last shots of the canoe loaded back up and some water shots on the paddle back.

Thanks for looking.  See you on the water...


  1. I'm no fan of extreme heat either, one of the biggest reasons I have settled here in Northern Minnesota. As an example the high today at my place was 73F while down in the cities only 3.5 hours away it was touching 100 degrees!

    We sometimes get hot though, high 80s low 90s. A good water filter and keeping my head wet while canoeing kept me going. Heat like that can certainly take the gumption out of a fella.

    1. Yeah it gets pretty bad. The whole time I was paddling I had the hat soaked and my shirt made a few dips in the water as well. It didn't feel too bad though until night fell and I tried to go to sleep. That's when it felt the hottest for some reason. Maybe that's just when it all caught up to me or something. Who knows...Fall and winter can't come soon enough

  2. Looks like a heck of a lot of fun to me. :) Love those blades and that food, too. Keep the posts coming!

  3. Ahhh man, that looks really great....

    Haven't been out for a while myself and things like this keep my spirits up a little.....