Friday, June 15, 2012

Made one ugly but multifunctional axe sheath

So I needed an axe sheath for my axes on my outings and after some thinking on what I wanted that sheath to do I came up with this.

It's basically an upside down pouch sheath that opens from the end by the handle and is enclosed on the end by the top of the axe head. This will allow it to be carried upside down. The day packs I have don't have a really good way to carry an axe. All my packs though do have some kind of lashing strap towards the bottom end of the pack. I find the smaller day packs never balance right with the axe head towards the top of the pack. So all I needed was a sheath that would attach to the lashing straps and hold the axe head. So that's what this will do. I put two belt slips in the back for the lashing straps. The other cool part is since I made it just big enough to hold my boy's axe it will also hold everything down to my hatchets too. Here's some more pics with the Collins Boy's axe:

Of course I can take it off the pack and use it for a cover for transport or stowing in the canoe separate

Here's one last pic of it with my Wetterlings LHA

Well this leather was just from one of those scrap heaps you can buy cheap. It was a thick piece that I folded from the bottom up and I used chicago screws so I can modify or change it later if needed. I decided not to finish out the trim as it just added to the ugly character of the sheath and I didn't want it to look like I tried too hard. haha. So there you have it, it's ugly but very functional.


  1. I think this is great. Really clever! I came up with a different solution (I use the same Swedish military surplus pack), but it's great to see your solution!

    1. Thanks WW. I'd be interested to hear your solution with that pack as well.