Friday, December 21, 2012

Afternoon getaway to enjoy some brunch

Sometimes you just have one of those urges to grab your pack and some grub and hit the woods.  I got the urge the other day and figured, Why fight it?  So I hit the woods to just enjoy some time outdoors and spoil myself with a good woods meal too.

I was hoping to get another duck like I had the other day.  But the wind was blowing 30-40mph so it made the duck traffic non-existent.  I sat on my favorite duck pond for a little while before calling it quits.  There were around 8-10 ducks on the back end of the pond when I arrived and they flew out the backside and never had a chance for a shot. That's how it goes sometimes.

making my way through the woods, it still looks like fall instead of winter here...bummer

finally arrived at camp, and I did bring a new axe to play with :)

Well I sat out to find a good tree to chop down to get a feel for my Husqvarna Forest Axe, and I found about an 8in thick or so, dead standing tree to chop down.

I was pretty impressed with this axe.  My chopping got kind of sloppy as I think I was rushing it.  But the axe did very well.  There were no rolls or chips on the edge at all.  This wood was very hard too.  I'm going to like this when I need a lightweight 3/4 axe.  

Well after the axe play time was over I started on getting the fire going.  This proved to be a pretty big pain in the arse.  The wind was blowing it out repeatedly, so I eventually strung up my shelter half to use as a wind break.   It was done in a hurry but did the job.  So here we are getting the hot beverage going.

Well as I said, the other point is to spoil myself with a good meal so cast iron and bacon to get things kicked off.

I don't mind the added weight of cast iron, as long as the destination isn't too far of course.  This skillet is 10.5in and isn't light, but it's worth it

now we're getting somewhere

well the first batch was done.  So it became the appetizer accompanied by some hot coco.  A warm drink always feels good in the woods

now it really gets good as we have bacon and red potato's going at the same time

so here we have it:  bacon, eggs, and fried spuds, and now some apple cider too

that was darn good.  Well after brunch I let the fire go down and started to pack up.  Here's a quick shot at an axe carrier I made awhile back.  It's really just a pouch style sheath that basically holds any of my axes.  It's not fancy but it's handy,  There's some lashing slits in the bottom of the sheath that attach it to the back and then the top strap hold the axe in place.

Well I'm headed out now until the next time...

Thanks for looking


  1. I am sure you have mentioned this before or I may have asked already. But what backpack is that?

    1. It's one those old Swedish military rucksacks. I got this one at sportsmanguide but there are other places that have them as well. I've already gotten my $20 out of it :)

    2. I will also add I did do away with the leather straps as they were pretty small and did not adjust much at all. I put on some Alice straps and also took the frame off and with a buttpad inserted as a back cushion it's very comfortable.

  2. A great looking meal, and I am sure even better tasting!