Saturday, December 22, 2012

TAKE EM! a tale from the goose pit

Well this morning was pretty awesome.  There's really no other way to describe it.  My father in law drew out for a goose hunt on the Washita Wildlife Refuge so he and I headed out early this morning.  We drew out a few hunts for this area last year as well so we knew pretty much what to expect.  Even so, it takes your breath away at times.  We enjoyed some laughs, both together and at each others expense.  Good times.  And while the morning was unfolding we got to enjoy a beautiful sunrise as well.  (Some of these pics didn't turn out as good as I'd hope, but I'm posting them up so you'll get the idea of just how many geese were coming off the water)

This first sunrise image is the view from behind our pit.  Water behind us, fields out in front.

this seriously looked like a swarm of geese rising up

this next pic is my favorite of the day, hard choice to say the least

 did I mention the sunrise was awesome

view out the front of the pit

flocks were coming to and from the lake all morning.  It was just a matter of luck if they went over us

those specs in the water are more geese

just peaking out

one canada down, WooHoo!

duck slayers of the day, left a Stoeger P-350 and right a Remington 870 SPS, we heard the geese refer to them as the black mamba's of death

our first class comforts of the day ( And yes that's one shell left in a box with only one goose to show for it  O:-)  what can I say, my father in law is a terrible shot ;)

geese were moving off and on all morning

right before quitin time we downed a Ross Geese.  So two geese is all we left with, I'll just say we shot more than two times and leave it at that...

all and all a very enjoyable morning.  Good times shared and I look forward to doing it again next year...

You gotta love the outdoors :) 

Thanks for looking


  1. Looks like a great hunt with a beautiful sunrise- it never gets old does it.

    1. Never, it almost seems to be getting better

  2. I guess the memories gained and time shared are more important than the exchange of 1 box of ammo for 1 goose... right ;)

  3. Nice job, and I bet they'll be delicious, whole box of shells or not :) Good scenery, shooting, family, and then food - sounds like an unbeatable way to spend a morning! And I've never seen that many geese in one place. That's amazing.

  4. Wow. That looked like alot of fun. I'm so glad you got some. Now the question is who will eat it with you. Wish I were there. I'd enjoy cooking it up with you. Let us know if you need hints.