Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Husqvarna Forest Axe - Quick Look, and deer everywhere

I've been wanting a good 3/4 bush axe for awhile now and finally settled on the Husqvarna Forest Axe.  The folks at Rocky Mountain Bushcraft did an excellent review that you can find here, Husqvarna Forest Axe Review.  This review helped me decide this was the axe for me.  It's light for a 3/4 axe and performed a lot of tasks well.  So I ordered one and just wanted to show it to you as another example to the quality axes Husqvarna is putting out.  This of course the Hults Bruks version and I got a superb sample in the one I was sent. 

OAL: 26 in.
Edge: 3 1/2 in.
Head Weight: 1.87lbs ( As noted by retailer, Others have weighed it at 1.75lbs)

Now a look at the craftsmanship of the one I was sent.  First up the head alignment was great.

Grain is excellent, verticle and nice and tight.

Hafting was also done very well.  Haft sticks out from the head about 1/4" and no gaps.

I love the profile of this axe.  It will excel in chopping and probably be an average splitter.  It should perform finer work and carving tasks very well too.  

Well I did a quick chopping test on a dead standing Oak that was about 3-3.5" in diameter.  Certainly not a hard task but 4 smooth and easy swings and it went right through

Sheath is made of thick leather and the snap is very secure.  It's not the cheap materials we often see with axes.  It does not have the strap but the fold over snap method seems to have been done very well on this one.  It is secure to the head and won't pull off.

I am very impressed with this axe.  The quality control seems very good as there is nothing wrong with this axe at all.  If this is the cheaper version of a Hults Bruks axe then their main line of axes must be exceptional.  I am looking forward to putting this axe through the paces as I get out with it.

As a bonus while I slipped into the woods I was going down a simple trail then realized I had walked into a herd of deer that didn't seem too alarmed by my presence.  So here's a few shots of them as they made their way through the woods

then on the drive out I passed another herd right off the road

I love the experiences you get when your in the woods, 

Thanks for looking


  1. That looks like a fine tool! I really like this size of axe as well.

  2. Looks like you found yourself a great ax- always a touch of uncertainty when ordering online.
    You could have told me those were a bunch of deer decoys and I would have believed you. They don't mind you at all!

  3. Where can one find a replacement handle for the husqvarna forest axe?

  4. Really good review and some great pics as well. Two things that people don't focus on much is the grain which is pretty much as good as you'll get in this model and also the haft is really well done. Those Scandinavians sure know how to make axes.