Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Evening hike with my buddy

Got out the other night with my buddy.  We went on a hike down a simple trail where I thought we might get lucky and see some deer and enjoy some hot chocolate.  Here we are just getting started on the trail.

making our way through the thick woods

One of bel's favorite things to do when we're out is look for deer "footprints".  Here we found a doe track

next we came across this little buck

we continued a long and on the backside of a hill we came to a track of snow that hadn't melted yet.  So of course we had to play there a bit

after that we decided it was time for the hot chocolate.  So we found a suitable spot to setup and got things going.  I also got to get a little feel for the summit pack.

I also got to try out my Littlbug Jr. stove.  It worked great.  I'm going to really like this little stove.

filled it up

I used some fatwood, though it probably wasn't necessary but if there's one thing I've learned taking a kid out is to not spend half an hour getting the fire going.  So this ensured a quick fire :)

Bel got quite the kick out of helping feed the stove some twigs

now the agonizing 5 minute wait for the water to boil.  This is the look of tired anticipation right here

well soon enough we were sharing a hot cup together

after that we set out down the trail to try and spot some deer as the sun was setting, here's another pack shot

well we did jump a deer. It was a ways away but we saw it bounding off.  Bel sounds like a freight train coming through the woods so sneaking up on one was out of the question

we did come across a scrape that was really getting worked over.

Well after that we made our way back out.  We had fun and she already wants to go out again so I know I did good :) 

well as luck would have it we got to the car and there were a couple deer around the clearing where we parked.  So here's a few parting shots of them

thanks for looking


  1. quality time spent- it always seems that you could be out all day and when returning to the truck or house, there the deer are.

  2. I like that little stove! I bet it would be a good fire carrier too.

  3. My little girl isn’t so little anymore. But at seventeen she is still my winter camping buddy. You have a few precious years, it will soon seem only moments, where you are the most important man in her life. Alone with her in the woods you are the center of her attention, the only distraction being nature which you can share together. Treasure the time together. Make time. A daddy-daughter relationship is unlike any other. Treasure it.

    1. Well said, and true! Thanks for mentioning, planB. You are spot on.

    2. Thanks for sharing planB, it certainly is a special time and her being my oldest I'm not sure what to expect as she gets older. All I know is I plan to spend as much time as I can with her and making memories for both of us.

  4. Doing a good job, Dad. Keep it up. :)