Saturday, January 19, 2013

Snuck out for a quick lunch in the woods with my special girl

Decided to get out for a quick lunch in the woods with my favorite woods buddy.  Nothing too exciting but we had a good time as usual.  The spot we picked was a small dried up pond.  It was warm today and one side had some decent shade from some cedar trees.  So it got the nod as camp spot for the afternoon.

Here's bel getting ready to start camp chores, she finds it exciting

 Bel can't wait to use the hatchet. But for now she can only hand it to me with the sheath on.

Fire prep.  Some dry grass and bel is ready to go with the small sticks on top.  She gathered all those herself.  She knows the drill :)

And we're burning

Decided to take an old Buck 110 out today.  It's older than I am but still has a solid lock and it's sharp. You can't beat an old classic.

Lunch of PB&J sandwich's and goldfish crackers, a happy camper

 Bel loves hot chocolate on the outings.

Well on BladesandBuschcraft there's a monthly project of carving a spoon.  So I thought I'd give it a try using only the hatchet. Here we are after splitting a piece of wood.

 Trying to carve or drill out a hole for the spoon

starting to take shape

Now we're getting somewhere

Well it will certainly win the ugly award.

But it does hold liquid.  So I suppose it's a success.  Though it might take you 6 hours to eat a bowl of soup with it. 

Bel exploring the area a bit.  It was a nice day though on the warm side.

And here's a parting shot of us.  I didn't realize bel was being goofy and making a funny face when I took it

good times and memories as usual.  It's great being a dad.

Thanks for looking


  1. Looks like a beautiful day.
    I also have an old buck 110 that is older than I am- a great classic knife.

    1. Yeah a buck 110 was my first knife. They're just a good design and very practical.

  2. Great outing, as always. :)