Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Littlbug Junior Stove review

I've been using the Littlbug Junior Stove for a little bit now and am very pleased with it.  Here's a little more about the stove and some action shots for those of you who might be considering this for your kit.

The stove is four pieces that connect together.  The pieces lay next to each other and wrap around your pot great so it stores easily.  The stove only weighs 5.1 ounces so you won't even notice adding it to your kit.

The smaller pieces connect to the top of the larger sidewalls.  There are slots for them to slide into.  

This is the setup for wood burning where the pot will sit up higher from the flame and allow you to feed the fire while cooking.  You can flip the small pieces over and the pot will sit lower for use with alcohol burners and the like.

fire prep is pretty easy.  I like starting with your tinder at the bottom and then stacking your bigger wood pieces over it.  Then lighting it from the bottom through the air holes.   You only need to fill this about a third.  I overfilled it the first time and had two foot flames coming out of it.

The pot gets going very well.  Then it's just a matter of keeping the flame at your desired level. 

 this also works with a canteen cup and am sure would work well with any metal cup.

the best thing about using wood stoves is how little wood you need.  You can get by with just breaking off dry twigs if you want.  The other perk is the wood is free and your not having to buy or carry liquid fuels with you in the woods.  Cutting down your carry weight.

Overall I think this is an excellent stove.  It handles your cooking needs great whether you just need a fire for cooking or just want to have something easier to cook over rather than your big fire.  I have found it to be great for on the move outings.  Traveling light and not having to wait for a large fire to get going before you can start cooking is a big plus.  If you have questions feel free to ask.

thanks for looking


  1. Looks like a nice little stove- I bet it boils water in no time.

    1. Thanks Peter, it seems to boil about half a pot of water in 6-8 minutes depending on how much wood I put in.

  2. Might want to check how you attached the pot supports. On the Littlbug website ( ) they show the pot supports in the wide slots. Looks like a much more stable configuration that way.