Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Buschcraft Double Bit restore in process

I have been longing to get a cruiser axe for awhile now and finally got a hold of one the other day.  I will show some of the things I do when restoring an old axe.  Here's what I started with

Well first thing was removing the old haft from the eye.   Next when it comes to rust removal I like to use sandpaper or sandblocks and water.  Vinegar is a great way to remove rust as well but using sandpaper leaves a dark rustic patina on the head and I think it lets the old head keep some of the character it has gathered over the decades.  Here we are getting going on the cleanup

starting to come a long

after I get most of the rust off I will spray the head good in WD-40 and use a bristle brush and go over it pretty good.  This turns the dark spots jet black and the metal a nice silver look.  I'll show more on this step later.  This next pic is just after the sandblock and water treatment.

still need to do the backside

I acquired this axe thinking it was just a vintage no name, but a makers mark did appear.  I can't make out the top part at all.  The bottom part I think says Lewistown, PA USA.  I know there were a few companies that made axes there so no doubt it's some good ol American steel.

Stay tuned for updates


  1. Looking forward to seeing the restoration OE.

  2. Nice find! I bet it will come out great when you're finished. The bits have a nice profile and should chop really well.

  3. Thanks guys. More to come this weekend as I'll have time to work on it. I did luck out and find a decent handle yesterday.