Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bushcraft Double Bit - Finished

update: forgot to mention that with the help of a forum member we determined this is a Mann Edge Tool Company axe.  Pretty cool.  They made some great steel.  

Okay here's what I've been up to today.  Finished the other side.  When finishing this side I cam across the weight mark of this head and it's 3.5lb.  Bit to bit is 9.25in. I don't know if this a big cruiser or small full size.  But I like the weight, as my reason for wanting a smaller double was due to my love of my full size plumb.  Also 3.5lb head but is 10.5in across.  This axe should do a lot of work for me in the bush and as a canoe pack axe. 

fitting the haft to the head.  This always takes a little bit when you don't use powertools.  

Finally we have a usable axe. 

got a nice tight fit with the wedges.

A couple small gaps on the bottom but nothing that will effect performance.  This head is set as tight as it would get on the shoulder.

Well all in all I'm very pleased with this axe.  I can't wait to try it out.  I'll probably thin the profile just a little on the chopping side and give both edges a final sharpening but this is pretty much the axe.  There's a great satisfaction in bringing back an old made in U.S.A. tool.  This will be a joy to use and is far superior to anything you could buy at a hardware store today.  If you haven't tried restoring an old axe I suggest you give it a try.  It's a very rewarding process and result.

thanks for looking


  1. That turned out quite well and should be a great tool! Let us know how it performs when you get a chance to put it to work.

  2. If it chops half as good as it looks you will have yourself a fine ax!

  3. Thanks guys.

    I'll get some in-use shots up when I can.

  4. Looks like you did a fine job! Always nice to see old tools being restored and used. :)