Thursday, April 11, 2013

A couple more vintage axes to the collection, a True Temper Perfect and a KeenKutter

Well as luck would have it my in-laws came across a couple neat axes at an antique store and picked them up for me. 

First one is a True Temper Perfect full size double bit.  It's seen some use but still has some good life left in it.

Handle on this one was just too far gone to be usable.  So it'll get a new one.

Next was a full size KeenKutter in very good condition.  Looks like someone restored it already not too long ago.  The head is very good and the handle is good too.  All it needs is a sanding and a few boiled linseed oil treatments and it's ready to go.  Handle on it is 32 inches.

Two nice old USA made axes.  Can't beat it. 

I'll post an update once I'm done with them. 

Thanks for looking


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Jason. It's the first KeenKutter for me. Glad to finally get one and in this nice of shape was a definite bonus.

  2. Nice axes! Really like that KeenKutter!