Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sven Saw 15"

Hey folks, here's a look/review of the 15" Sven Saw.  First off the specs:

Blade Length"  15 inches
Folded Length:  17 inches
Weight: 15oz.
Handle/Frame is made of aluminum in the USA
Blade is made in Denmark
Cost: $25-30

First off let me say now that I have one, I wish I would have got it a long time ago.  I was on the fence on these for quite a while.  I've used slightly smaller folding saws and they were okay.  But I wanted something with a bit more leverage and power, without being heavy or a burden to carry. 

Well this Sven Saw is what I was looking for.  The aluminum frame is lightweight but stable.  The triangle frame gives you much better leverage and enables you to put a lot more force into cuts.  Plus the handle design is just a more natural fit for sawing.  All this makes for very fast and efficient cutting. 

Cedar, pine, an oak are what I have used this saw most on and it has handled it flawlessly.  The 15" model is the smaller of the two, they also make a 21" model, so you will have to respect its limits.  That said I have found anything 5" wide and smaller to be ideal for this saw.  Which is perfect for me for what I like to do on most outings.  Quick fires for cooking and warming up are very easily done with this saw.  I find when I'm out I typically only use wood in the size range this handles.  If you had a more long term camp, and especially in winter, a larger bucksaw would definitely be the better choice.  But for day trips or extended trips where you are on the move and packing and weight is a consideration then this saw would be a very good choice. 

Here's some pine that was right around 4" and smaller, as it was a dead standing tree I felled.  I had nice logs in no time with the Sven.

Here was some fatwood harvesting I used with it

The setup for this is about 20 seconds or so.  It's not quite as quick as the click open folding saws but the added performance you get from this is more than worth the little extra time it takes to setup.  Another advantage to this saw is you can easily purchase replacement blades.  The blade on mine has held up great so far.  But it's nice to know you can get a new blade easily rather than needing to buy a new saw.

Well overall I am very impressed with this saw and think it is one of those items where the value far exceeds the cost.  It slips in pretty much any daypack and takes up little room and weight.  The blade fits in the handle with the cutting edge completely protected.  So it won't damage your gear or yourself.  It's a great tool to pair with a hatchet/axe.  

Thanks for looking


  1. As long as it is stable, and can cut!
    It does not hurt that it is made in the USA and denmark- always nice to see.

    1. It's very solid Peter. Really a great tool for what it is. Always nice to still find great gear made in the USA. That's the way to go if you can.