Friday, April 12, 2013

close encounters of the "Deer" kind

Well when I slipped into the woods the other day for some axe pics the "pet" deer were in the area.  This area is a state park with no hunting this area, so these deer have no fear of man, or no fear of me at least.  Maybe they're just use to me...

First one I passed didn't seem too care I was passing through.  This deer was about 10 yards away

The next deer was bedded and didn't even get up for me

there were a few more deer bedded further back, but my camera's zoom wasn't good enough to get a good pic and I didn't want to go in and bust them out.

I always find deer a neat encounter and when you're very close it's that much cooler. 

I heard some some turkeys and a tom gobbling pretty close but never caught a glimpse of them. 

You never know what you'll find in the woods till you get out there.  That's what makes it special

thanks for looking


  1. Wow- those deer are tame!
    It is odd how state parks are supposed to keep things natural, however, those deer are anything but..

  2. Nice deer. Cool/weird that you were able to get so close!