Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Comparison: Council Tool FSS Boys Axe & Husqvarna Forest Axe

Well most of you probably saw my thread on recently getting a Council Tool Forestry Service edition boy's axe.  I decided to compare it to my other 3/4 axe, my Husqvarna Forest Axe. 

First off here's the specs on each

Council FSS Boy's axe
Head weight:  2.25lb
Length(measured): 27.25in

Husqvarna Forest axe
Head Weight: 1.75lb
Length(measured): 26.5in

So you can tell already who should win this but in the hand they feel very close in weight.  I honestly can't tell them apart holding them by the end of the handle.  The reason for that I think is how much thicker and dense the Husqvarna handle is compared to the Council's.  You'll see what I mean later.  I wish I had a digital scale to measure the total weight, I will update this if I can get a hold of one.  Here's the head and edge comparison shot, Council edge is just about 4 inches, the Husqvarna is about 3.5 inches (Council left, Husqy right)

Profile shot.  Both are good designs.  Length they are pretty much dead even.  Husqy is slightly thinner profiled. (Husqy left, Council right)

While both handles are comfortable, the Council handle is just flat out better.  It's much thinner and has a classic shape and feel to it.  The Husqvarna handle is the same as the Gransfors Bruks handles.  You can see how much thicker throughout the handle the Husqvarna is compared to the Council.  This is where I believe a lot of extra weight is coming from on the Husqvarna. (Council left, Husqvarna right)


Here's a look at the end of the handles.  The Husqvarna handle swells out towards the bottom but keeps the same side-to-side thickness throughout the handle.  The Council swells out but also rounds out making for a very comfortable handle and reminiscent of vintage handles I have held.

Here's another look at the end of the Council handle from the top

Here was the quick chopping test I did.  15 swings each on some hardwood. (Council left, Husqvarna right)

Obviously the Council FSS Boys Axe blew away the Husqvarna Forest axe here.  The picture doesn't really show how much deeper into the wood the Council is vs. the Husqy.  I honestly thought the Husqy would bite as deep due to the thinner profile, but the Council was clearly biting deeper and throwing bigger chips.  Both were sharp enough to shave paper when I started.  Council is clearly the winner, as expected.

Well I think the head weights on these axes is deceiving to their total weights.  The Council is definitely going to be the 3/4 axe I carry form now on.  That performance advantage is more than worth a couple extra ounces in my opinion, if the weight difference is even that much.

I decided to get a little more feel for the Council.  I would have liked to do more but I was squeezing this in on a time constraint.  I found a dead standing oak tree around 4" diameter.  It took 5 swings to get through, 3 on one side, two on the other

I was pretty impressed with the curls I was able to make, even after the chopping test.  Omaha knife really did a nice job sharpening this axe

Well this axe is exactly what I was hoping it would be.  It's going to be quite the bush axe.  Look to see it more in my outings post.

Here's the sheath I made for it, not the best looking but it'll do the job fine

Thanks for looking


  1. That's a fine 3/4 axe there. Damn good for the price. ;)

    1. Thanks WW, yeah I don't know how you could beat this axe for that price. It's the best one I've tried yet.

  2. Replies
    1. Rogelio it's doing great. I have no complaints and would no hesitate to pick up another if the need arose.

  3. Great. The only cutting mine has seen so far is slicing into the knuckle of my left thumb. Freaking wasp messing with me right when I took off the sheath. Split second thing. The axe is scary sharp. Glad to know yours has held up.


  4. Is the the velvacut or the original?