Monday, March 4, 2013

Trip out with my buddy and new knife, a Redneck Woodlore

Hey folks.  Got out for a quick trip in the woods the other day.  Here's the dirt road that leads to the "wild" so to speak.  LOL!  This is fenced off so no one is able to drive down.  Just makes a good walking path to get in there

Here's bel inspecting every rock and stick a long the way, haha

and here's the blade I was using for the first time, a Redneck Woodlore, it's a beaut if you can't tell

here's some thick woods, we ventured in a little ways

arrived at a suitable enough spot, here's the pack shot

okay okay mine's the left one :)

well I got the camp chores going.  I downed a dead standing tree with the hatchet and got some small logs sawed up

I usually use my hatchet/axe and saw to do my wood processing but wanted to try out my new knife a little more so I used it to break down the wood for me

after that it was time to get the fire going.  first attempt here failed as I only used grass and the wood I had was a bit too bit for it to catch quickly.  Thought it was worth a try though

I got out some fatwood and of course that did the trick

now were getting somewhere

here's bel awaiting the results

coffee and hot chocolate, and a welcome toast for a new blade

quick view from our camp spot

well I did a little carving with the knife and it worked quite well.  This knife has a very very sharp edge on it.  You can make curls as small as you can steady your hand for

 Bel was exploring the area right around camp and seemed to hone in on the creek we were beside

here's a heavy deer crossing

well that was about it.  We packed up and headed out as the sun was close to setting.  Here's a few more knife shots and the view on the way out

Well after using this knife I little bit I am really loving it.  The handle contour on this knife is the most comfortable I have used.  Steve did the scales thicker for me and he really nailed the thickness.  The part of the handle that really makes this one stand out is the area between your thumb and index finger.  There is plenty to grip on to.  That's the closest part to the edge and where you want the knife to feel most secure when your using it.  When there's not enough handle there it can feel loose, plus if it's constantly sliding around a little you get hotspots, etc.  This one really lets you grip it and the rest of the handle fits the swell of your hand perfect.  Really a good thought out design on the handle.  Can't say enough good things about it.  As for the edge.  Well I came home and it's still doing "S" cuts through receipt paper.  So the edge held up great for what I did with it.  After visually inspecting the edge there were no chips or rolls or anything that I could tell.  It looked as it did when it arrived. 

Well I'll do a more comprehensive review after I get some serious woods time and use with this knife.  As for now though I am very pleased with the comfort and performance of this knife.  I wanted a knife that was a looker and performer and I got just that with this woodlore from Steve(Redneck Knives).

All in all a very good day out.  I enjoyed spending time with my daughter and getting some much needed fresh air too. 

that's all, thanks for looking


  1. Oh,it looked like you both were having a ball. I love it.

  2. That is a nice looking knife. I really need to stop lusting after more cutting implements though. It's hard to justify even more... ;)

    1. Thanks Kerry. I know what you mean. Good news for me is I think I might have finally found the one that leaves me nothing to long for.

  3. Looks like a beautiful knife, and day out. Those pictures make it look like the two of you are in Australia!

    1. Thanks Peter, If there's one thing we have a lot of it's red dirt :) I'm used to it as I've lived here my whole life, but others usually find it pretty exotic.

  4. Does the sky always look like that there? ;) I'm jealous. :)

    Looks like that knife is a keeper!

    1. When it's not cloudy :) nothing beats being under a big blue sky