Monday, March 18, 2013

FSS Council Tool Boy's Axe (Forestery Service Edition)

Greetings Axe folk,  I finally received my Council Tool FSS Boy's Axe.  After a shipping mix up I didn't know if I would ever get it.  But I did.  Well this is literally just an out of box first impression look. 

head alignment was perfect and the head was hung very well.  No gaps and was seated firmly.

Grain was as bad as gets, horizontal as you can tell.  I would have obviously preferred vertical but will use this as is and see how it does.  There wasn't a run out in the grain and if it does break I'll just re-hang with a new handle.  So maybe an experiment of sorts.  I honestly think it will last quite a while the way it is.

I ordered this from Omaha Knife and they have a sharpening service but I did not order it.  This axe looks to have an after factory sharpening to me.  And my cutting test seemed to confirm this as it shaved hair and cut coupon paper with ease.  I'm certainly not complaining

 Well I plan to review this axe after using it some.  The folks at Rocky Mountain Bushcraft did a quick review you can see here.  I had been looking at this axe for quite a while and after seeing their review and talking to them about it I knew I'd have to try it.  My thoughts are pretty inline with there's at this point.  The paint on this head doesn't seem as thick as the other Council axe I've handled.  It's not globbed on the head.  It almost looks like someone made an effort to wipe it for a clean uniformity over it.  The handle itself has a thin lacquer applied to it.  Again it's not over done and actually feels alright.  I wish I had reference of a regular Council Boy's Axe for a real comparison and to see if this is worth the extra money.  The handle on this axe really is great.  It's thinner than any axe I've purchased in this size range.  It has a vintage feel to it.  Well for a while I'm going to use this axe as is.  I think that will be a more fair way to review it so no modifications will impact my thoughts on it.  I may strip the paint and sand the lacquer off down the road.  I'll just see how it goes with use.  For now though I am pleased and feel it's more than worth the $44.95 I paid for it.  shipping from Omaha Knife is $5, so for less than $50 to my door I am quite happy at this point.  The real opinion is yet to come.  So stay tuned... 


  1. Looking forward to the real opinion OE!
    That is unfortunate about the grain.

    1. I'm not too hung up on grain. Most handles are broken from abuse and I've seen a couple really old axes I've restored where the heads were clearly abused and the grain was horrible but the handle itself wasn't falling apart. But you never know. It could last years or swings. Only time will tell...

  2. For 50 bucks, it looks like a dandy of an axe (except for the handle grain). Might have to pick one of them up for myself. :)